You Are Here for a Reason!

Where can you be used to bring Grace and Truth?

An exerpt from "You're Here for a Reason" by Nancy Tillman

"You're here for a reason. If you think you're not, I would just say that perhaps you forgot - a piece of the world that is precious and dear would surely be missing if you weren't here. If not for your smile and your laugh and your heart, this place we call community would be minus a part."

In Community, we reveal to others the work of Christ in us, giving grace, in Him!

If you have been looking for a challenge, a place to serve, or a way to grow in your walk with the Lord, we have a place for you! Is God calling you to direct a new community? Do you feel led to tutor or direct a Challenge program? Do you have incredible organization skills? Do you enjoy planning events? Are you a people-person and love sharing information about CC to small groups? Do you love to teach or present Classical material? Is hospitality your gift? Whatever and wherever your strengths are, we can use your gifts! No service is small in God's kingdom! (We are looking for Dad's to work too!)

Please prayerfully consider where God may be calliing you to make a difference and use your gifts in community!