Caillou Punnet Square Problems!

Learn about Caillou and his genetics!

Number 1.

Caillou went to the park and met a girl named Caillan. He daydreamed about if he married her, what their kids could look like. Caillou is heterozgous with brown eyes, which is dominant, and Caillan is homozgous with blue eyes. What color(s) could their children's eyes be? What color will their eyes most likely be? Name the phenotype(s) and genotype(s). Use B and/or b

Number 2

Caillou's mom is pregnant with another baby girl. Caillou's mom has curly hair witch is incomplete dominant, and Caillou's dad has strait hair. Caillou's mom is homozygous and so is Caillou's dad. What kind of hair will the baby most likely have? what is the probability of the baby having straight hair? name the phenotype(s) and the genotype(s) use C and/or c

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