Romeo and Juliet

By: Madison Welty

Romeo and Juliet are responsible for their own deaths.Romeo is responsible for their deaths because he killed Tybalt which got him banished from Verona. causing Juliet to drink the “poison” (Act: III Scene: I )This is the scene where Romeo kills Tybalt. Juliet is also responsible, because if she wouldn't have drank the sleeping poison romeo would not have thought she was dead and wouldn't have killed himself which then Juliet killed herself after finding romeo dead (Act: IV Scene: I )This is the scene in which Friar Lawrence gives Juliet the poison that makes her sleep causing people to think she is dead, including Romeo

Twilight: New Moon


In this movie Edward Cullen (Robert Patterson) is madly in love with Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) but he leaves his hometown of Forks, Washington and losses all contact with Bella, After months past Edward's sister Alice comes back to Forks because of a vision she had of Bella thinking she was dead. Edward thinks she is also dead and after calling and being told that Charlie ( Bella's dad ) was busy planning a funeral, but was not told who this funeral was for, This funeral was for Charlie's friend. Now that Edward thinks she is dead he goes to the Voltory which is where vampires go when they wish to die, Edward wanted to die because he thought his love was dead, The Voltory declined his request, so he decided to show himself to the "pale faces" (humans) knowing that if he were to show himself the Voltory would the take back their decision. This movie is like Romeo and Juliet because Romeo thought that his love was dead and wold rather die than to live without Juliet, so he kills himself with a poison, although Edward did not end up dying because Bella found him just in time to stop him from going through with it, Edward still wouldn't want to live in a world without her, which is how Romeo felt.

In conclusion, if Romeo and Edward would have known their loves were in fact alive then Romeo would not have killed him self and Edward would not have tried to kill himself.

Twilight New Moon - Bella Saves Edward
I'd Die For You- Bon Jovi

This song is connected to Romeo and Juliet Because in this song it talks abour he would die for his love and do anything for her ¨I´d die for you, I´d cry or you, I´d do anything for you¨ this is connected because in Romeo and Juliet during Act II scene II Romeo says "With love light wings did i o'er-perch these walls; For stony limits cannot hold love out, And what love can do that dares love attempt; Therefor thy kinsmen are no let to me." And in this scene Romeo is basically saying that he would do anything for his love, even die for her.