iOS Apps For Mobile Learning

k-12 Classrooms


For this module we were asked to find at least 5 apps that could be used in k-12 classrooms for mobile learning. The 5 that I found are for elementary students.

Build a word

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This app is good for helping younger students build their fine motor skills, recognize letters, and spell simple words. Many letters appear on the screen and bounce around. One letter is hollowed out, and the student must find the matching letter on the screen and drag it over top of the hollowed out one. On a more difficult setting the student must do the same thing, but spell out words.

Montessori Crosswords

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This app helps students learn to read through phonetics. There is a picture in the left hand corner and students must drag and drop letters into boxes to spell the word. This helps students link phonetic sounds to letters.

Adventures Undersea Math Add

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This app is designed to help children learn to add visually. As students get answers right, a piece of a picture is revealed. When the full picture is revealed they move onto the next level. There are different difficulty settings that can make the puzzles more challenging for students.

Reading Raven

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This app takes students through step by step reading lessons that help them read phonetically, building up to reading full sentences. It is a good tool to help students get the foundation they need for reading.

Math Dots

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This app comes in different themes, including Fairy Tales, and dinosaurs. As students progress through the levels they unlock different pictures that correlate to the theme of the app they are using. It teaches students addition, subtraction, division and multiplication depending on the level the student is playing.