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March 8, 2015

In Case You Missed It:

Can you believe we went to school 5 days in a row last week?!?! As I am thinking back to Monday for this Bits, it seems like a LONG time ago!!! Hopefully, the warm sun with the arrival of March will bring us more days with our Stallions than not.

Lee County Schools announced the plan for making up time missed because of the winter weather in February. We will be adding 15 minutes to our day beginning Tuesday. We voted to add this as a study hall/intervention period to our morning. A member of the Admin Team will meet with each grade level briefly at the beginning of your planning periods on Monday to discuss what this will look like beginning on Tuesday. So please meet in your grade level chairperson's room directly after taking students to class.

Janet McKay reported the review from NCDPI went very well. The evaluator stayed from the beginning of sixth grade to the beginning of eighth grade lunches. Janet said there were only words of praise on Stallion Cafeteria Team's attention to detail with food safety and bookkeeping. Our cafeteria staff are top notch and do an outstanding job providing warm, nutritious meals for our 842 children. Please make sure to commend them for a job well done!

A huge thank you and "Stallion Shout Out" goes to Mark Hildreth and Hannah Thomas. Their presentations at the UnMeeting were informative and helpful for us all. Mark's piece created a lot of talk and reflection about vocabulary in PLC's last week. The AVID team strategy this month focuses on vocabulary development. Hannah's presentation provided a detailed look at an online planning tool to explore and creative ways to incorporate movement into core subjects as well as different ideas for Brain Breaks.

Stallion Extravaganza was a huge success Thursday despite the cold rainy evening! I so appreciate all the staff members which helped prepare for and those which participated in the event, as well as the ones who chose to stay and show your support for PTSO, your teammates, and the event. We had a large turnout of families with something for everyone in attendance. I know our future Cavaliers appreciated having access to the team from Southern Lee. It is extremely important to ensure that bridge is easy for our Stalliions to cross over and "down the hill" in August. And I have heard from multiple sources that SanLee does a stellar job. If you know of anything more or different we can do in the future, share with our counselors, eighth grade teachers, or a member of the Admin Team.

Something to think about

Have you read Eric Jensen lately?!?!

Honoring Our Social Workers

We have top notch social workers in Lee County Schools. SanLee hornored ours, Valerie Davenport and Dennis Duke, last week for Social Worker's Month. These two work tirelessly to support Stallions. While it is sad to see Valerie leave us, it is wonderful news to know LCS is adding to the small team of district social workers. Valerie will bring her calm, reassuring tone and relentless committment to children to others in Lee County. She is always welcome home--Once a Stallion, Always a Stallion!

It is reassurring to have Peggy Mann joining our team on Monday. She brings many years of experience in Lee County and has a lot of history with many of our children from the elementary schools. Peggy and Valerie have been discussing ongoing issues at our schools and tag teamed some this week to transition.

As always, please make sure our guidance and administration teams are aware of anything you are involving a social worker. This is to ensure we provide all supports necessary every day, since our social workers are not at our school daily. Also realize that some weeks our social workers are not able to be on our campus on the scheduled day/s because of various job responsiblities. They are doing home visits for us, verifying residences, transporting parents without transportation to and from school for meetings, and representing the school in court cases involving attendance.

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Mark Your Calendars

Monday: Math and ELA department Meetings

Tuesday: Science Department Meeting, LCS BOE Meeting 5pm @ LCHS

Thursday: Tech Thursday during planning, ALL applications to HS special programs due

Friday: LCHS class registration, St Paddy's Dance

Saturday: Recognition ceremony for Young Authors STATE Winners Allison Podlogar and Lorena Sanchez :)

AVID Night