When Mr. Dog Bites

Brian Conaghan

Book Review By Anaya Ford

Dylan has one more year to live and he is trying to do everything to make it the best time he can before he dies so he makes up three cool things to do. If the doctor told you that you have less than 6 months to live what would you do ?

When Mr. Dog Bites is about a 17 year old boy name Dylan Mint who has Tourette's. In this book Dylan's life is a constant battle to keep the bad stuff on the inside such as the tics, the swearing, and the howling dog that escapes when ever he is stressed or angry. One day Dylan goes to take a visit to the doctors and it changes everything, when overhearing his mom and the doctor talking, Dylan now knows that he is going to die next March. So Dylan make three wishes that are called "Cool Things To Do Before I Cack It"

1) Have Real Sexual Intercourse With A Girl !

2) Get Dad Back From The War !

3) Find His Best Friend Amir, A New Best Bud !

Its very hard knowing that you have Tourette's but some things just happen for a reason , this is a really good book and if you like things that are close to being realistic this book is awesome for you , I really thought this book was good for me because I got to really think about what other people life could really be about and how people do stuff when they think there time is up . Have you ever felt that when your getting really angry or aggravated that a really mean dog is about to jump out of you , if you haven't this is how Dylan feels when he frustrated , or when his Tourette's get in the way . This book is mainly about life, death, love, and swearing .

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Who Is Brian Conaghan ?

Brian Conaghan was born in 1971. He was raised in the Scottish town of Coatbridge but now lives and works as a teacher in Dublin. He is the author of The Boy Who Made It Rain and has a Master of Letters in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow. Over the years Brian has made his dosh as a painter and decorator, a barman, a DJ, an actor, a teacher and now a writer. He currently lives in Dublin with two beauties who hinder his writing: his wife Orla and daughter Rosie. Last of all he is the author of When Mr. Dog Bites