Your Daily Break

A dash of Mindfulness-based SEL for each day of the week!

Welcome to the Week of June 1st!

Week 12!

Let the sun shine in!

Thank you for staying strong, grounded, and present!

Liane Benedict & Kate Ginney


Mondays often require extra brain breaks... No worries--here are a few of Sanford Fit's favorite brain breaks to boost your brain and improve your focus. Fun for all ages!


Just as Monday's brain breaks are powerfully important, so isn't making those movements a regular part of your schedule. Here's a free printable handout on how to track your Movement Timeline. Let kids be part of the schedule to foster ownership!


Do you have 15 minutes for this meditation that focuses on the powerful emotions you're still processing from our current global situation? This is has been on our favorite meditations rotation!

Mindful: A Meditation Series (Peace During the Pandemic- Coronavirus/ COVID-19 Guided Meditation)

Summer on the brain? Summer is a cycle that is all about robust energy and creating abundance. You can use its high energy to help focus on, expand and coordinate the pieces of your life, especially those that help to build a stronger you!


Need help getting that meditation practice a habit? Use this 30 day mediation challenge to help set your positive intentions for a daily mediation practice.

Weekend Vibes

Is yoga on your I'd-like-to-do-more-of- list? Here are foundational poses you can string together for a simple flow routine--share with students!

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