Percents Of a Number

What Tips, Taxes, Discounts, Mark Ups, and Commissions are!

What are Taxes?

What are taxes? Taxes are the amount of money paid in addition to and amount. Taxes are when you add a certain percent to the final price. Every place has a different tax percent. Taxes are paid to the government to make buildings, and roads and to pay for the community and for schools. Taxes are paid to make a better community, we pay sales tax and income tax to help the community! For example if I went to Wendy's and bought a cheeseburger for $2.25 and tax was 17% in Virginia my total would be $2.63

What are Tips?

What are tips? Tips are when you give a percent of your total to a place. Waiters and waitress personally can get tips. Research shows that waiters that are paid tips make $3.78 and waiters that do get paid tips make $7.89. Tips are addition to tax. So for example if I got a check for $32.95 and I wanted to give a 17% tip I would give the waiter $11.20.

Discounts, Mark Ups, and Commission



Percentage can change anywhere you go.


Numbers can change due to a percents.

Percents and numbers