Preschool !!!!!!

By: Mary and Josh

What is preschool????

Preschool is a large-group oriented program offered at a central location. It may or may not be for profit, meaning its purpose is to produce a profit. It also could be a non-for-profit program such as a church offered program.

What is good and bad about Preschools?

A few advantages are as follows: Your children will learn in a controlled enviroment, will have plenty of playmates, and usually will spend the day while you are away at work. These things are good for the parent, but for the child there are some disadvantages with this. The first major disadvantage is the resultant peer-pressure, one would think this would not be a major concern but it is. Another disadvantage is that for-profit programs may not offer as good of care as non-for-profits.

Local preschools near Rock Creek

How did preschool come about?

Preschool started out as a publicy funded program called Head Start. Created by President Johnson in 1965, it was meant to help children from low-Income families. It is intended for 3-5 year olds. There is now increased attendence because of both parents needing to work. Headstart and Preschools are very similar, with the exception being in the private sector. Head start programs in the private sector have to adhere to federal guidelines still while preschool programs are not restricted as such.