Katy High School Orchestra News

Friday, November 1st, 2019

Upcoming Events

Monday, November 4th Monday Afternoon Rehearsals resume for Varsity Chamber, 3:15 to 4:30. Every Monday until Dec. 9th. (we will skip rehearsal on Dec 2nd, the day after Thanksgiving break)

Tuesday, November 5th Solo Test due on Charms

Friday, November 8th: Second San Antonio Trip payment due (it was really due Nov 1st, but I forgot to remind everyone!). $100. Cash, Check to KHOBA, or PayPal on Charms. The last payment of $140 will be due on January 24th. $340 total.

Tuesday, Nov 19th Solo Test due on Charms

Tuesday, December 10th Winter Concert, 7 pm

December 11th through 20th, perform your solo for your orchestra class. Final exam grade.

UIL Solo Performance Unit, November and December

We are starting our UIL Solo Performance unit this week. I helped each student pick out out a UIL solo. They will work on this at home and during class.

Objective: Learn a solo on your own that challenges you as a performer.

Grade 1 is the most difficult, Grade 3 is the easiest.

2nd period: Grade 1, 2 or 3

3rd and 5th period: Grade 1 or 2

4th period: Grade 1

Solos are meant to challenge each musician to get better. Students will be performing more difficult technique such as shifting, vibrato, difficult rhythms. Every student needs to be practicing their solo at home!

If you play a Grade 1 solo by memory on Feb 21st and get a superior score, then you are qualified to go to KYAC on May 2nd, which is the state level of Solo and Ensemble. This is the quickest way to qualify for your letter jacket (see Letter Jacket Points sheet below).


Tuesday, October 29th. Have a solo picked out and printed and put it in your binder. Quiz grade.

Thursday, October 31st: Have your “Research your Solo” turned in. Quiz grade.

Tuesday, Nov 5th. 1st progress check. Either in class or in Charms. Test grade.

Tuesday, Nov 19th. 2nd progress check. Either in class or in Charms. Test grade.

December 11th through 20th, perform your solo for the class. Ms. Lawrence can play piano for you. This is your final exam grade for the semester. I’ll be using the real UIL rubric. Please don’t exempt your orchestra final.

February 21st the REAL UIL Solo and Ensemble contest at Katy High School (we're hosting). This is not required, but this is the only way to get letter jacket points for your solo.

UIL Ensembles

In addition to a solo, your student can also be in a UIL ensemble! An ensemble is a little group of musicians, like a string trio or duet. This is completely optional, and students need to rehearse on their own time during Enrichment or after school. Ask Ms. Lawrence to help you find a group or to help pick out music.

This also counts towards Letter Jacket points!

Wear your orchestra shirt on Fridays!

We are going to wear our orchestra shirts on Fridays! Not required, but we are going to have a competition between all the class periods!!

Katy ISD Private Lesson Program- Cello lessons available now!

Cello lessons available NOW!

There are cello lessons available at WoodCreek and Tompkins campuses through the Katy ISD Private Lesson Program. Contact these teachers directly to sign up for your time!

Will Kremer, cello, at Tompkins on Tuesdays and Wednesdays willkremercello@gmail.com

Simon Perez, cello, at WoodCreek on Tuesdays, spots available starting at 5 pm (267) 357-8079 simonperez68@gmail.com

Violin and Viola Lessons at Katy High School

We have lessons available at KHS for violin and viola through the Katy ISD Private Lesson Program. We have two teachers. Please email Ms. Lawrence ASAP to sign up for a time. ellenmlawrence@katyisd.org

A private teacher can help you improve on your instrument and help with technique, region auditions, solos, and vibrato. Lessons are a weekly commitment.

Mr. Michael Della-Calce, violin (main instrument) and viola, $20.50 per 30 minute lesson

Mondays 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm Lessons start August 26th

Wednesdays 3:00 pm - 7:30 pm Lessons start August 28th

Dr. Sylvia Chien, viola (main instrument) and violin, $24.50 per 30 minute lesson

Dr. Chien has a doctorate in viola performance and is a Suzuki violin teacher

Wednesdays pm 3:00 -7:30 pm Lessons start August 21st

Dr. Chien's schedule is almost full. She has 6 pm to 7:30 pm available still.

Bass lessons

Bass lessons through the Katy ISD Private Lesson Program will be offered at Paetow High School on Wednesdays with Grace Lewis, $22.50 per half hour.

Sign up for Remind messages- required for students, optional for parents

In a text message:

To: 81010

for 2nd period Lyrica, message reads: @6e8h8b

for 3rd period Cello Choir, message reads: @ek4424

for 4th period Chamber, message reads: @kd7c86

for 5th period Concert, message reads: @h6e96g