October 5, 2018

"Let Perseverance Be Your Engine & Hope Be Your Fuel"

It was a rough week. I can always tell when it's time for a break. Behaviors become more bold, patience runs short and fuses light more quickly. I heard a lot of people jokingly ask if it was a full moon this week or beg the 2 hr delay gods for at least one shortened day. I get it! We've felt that same pressure this week.

We've also had an "ugly" week of discipline. Somedays it's hard to comprehend how students can make such poor choices and how parents quickly turn their parenting issues into our problem to fix - often in a loud, shouty, demanding way (that's the nice way of saying we got yelled at a lot!). It is disheartening and angering all at the same time and can really make you wonder if we are making a difference.

But then I began to gather info for the newsletter and I was reminded of all of the great things that happened at CN this week! As if to drive the point home, someone tagged me in the post below and I realized this is exactly right. Yes, there were frustrating issues that we had to deal with this week, but in the greater scheme of all things that happened, they really accounted for about $10 worth.

Please continue to help each other through trying times and concentrate on the 86,390 seconds each day that are positive, uplifting, and give us the energy to face what may come next.

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Canstruction Bake Sale

Come out and support the Canstruction Bake Sale tonight at the football game!

They have a ton of delectable treats!

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The CN Music Dept Mattress Fundraiser

Please consider supporting this fundraising event tomorrow

from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. in the Jr/Sr HS Cafeteria.

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Thank you to everyone who took advantage of the training offered yesterday. I've had a lot of great feedback about the relevance and excitement about the possibilities it offers. Keep working hard and if you need a follow-up or more training let me know.

2nd Family Newsletter

I shared the 2nd Family Newsletter with all of you last week. The link is below in case you missed it. I set a goal at the beginning of the year to use a newsletter to increase parent communication. So far I have received a lot of good feedback from parents. To date, the 2nd newsletter has had 421 views outside of our school district. I hope that means we are reaching more families and letting them see the great things happening at CN Jr/Sr HS.

For Your Calendars:

10/11-12- Final Exams (schedule shared in Google Drive)

10/12 - End of Quarter #1

10/12 - Ziffles Food Truck @ the Jr/Sr HS

10/24-26 - Fall Break