• October 31, 1969 was when the Wal-Mart was incorporated.
  • The legend that is Sam Walton opened the first store in 1962.
  • Walton Enterprises does not own any other companies.
  • Walmart competes in the department & warehouse store industry.
  • Walmart's biggest competitors are Costco and Target.

Fact0r$ 0f Pr0ducti0n

Imagine a world where you have a store that has everything you could dream of.. you don't even have to imagine, cause that store exists... it's called da walmart.

  • Walmart has a variety of items for sale. They sell electronics, furniture, can pick up photographs at their photo developing outlet, groceries, entertainment, pharmacy, etc.
  • 2.1 million... that is how many people Walmart employs... crazy.
  • the 6 Walton's combined have a net worth of a casual $144.7 billion... BILLLION!!!
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Financial Information!!!

  • Walmart has been climbing over the past 5 years. Every year they are increasing. This year they have gone down bit but based on the past 5 years it should climb in the future. More and more people realize that Walmart has the best deals in the land so more people are shopping there.

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Stock Informationnnn

  1. It's symbol is WMT. It trades in the NYSE.
  2. 52 week low- 72.61..... 52 week high- 90.97
  3. Today, it is trading about right in the middle of the 52 week low and high.
  4. April 20th, 1999 was the last time the Walmart stock split.
  5. 7.23 million total shares available for trade.
  6. Walmart does pay dividend.. it is 0.49.
  7. 2012 was the last time Walmart paid dividend.
  8. Investors rate Walmart as an average stock. There is not much to gain from investing it, but there isn't much to lose. And with the steady incline over the past 5 years, it is assumed that investors will make a profit out of it. This stock is made for some of the middle class and higher, seeing that it is about 90 dollars per stock.
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  • One article said that in February, Walmart released a website to buy online. It is called The Sustainability Leaders. It is a place to buy things online. This will help the Walmart stock out, I think. It is another way to purchase something from Walmart.
  • This March, Walmart came out with a symbol that they have put on multiple items. They will only appear from Women-owned businesses. The symbol reads 'Women Owned'. I ultimately think this will help women buy more from Walmart because they will think that they should buy it just for the simple fact that women are running the business.

Summary, Analysis, Reflecion

After all of this research, I would have to say I probably would not purchase this stock. I have lost $47.20 since I have purchased this stock. I have learned a lot about investing while playing the stock market game. I have learned to purchase the stock when it is closest to its 52 week low. It takes awhile for stocks to rise. It is not a good idea to buy the stock when it is close to its peak, something I've learned from experience.

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