Tech Time Newsletter

October 13, 2015

Classroom News

  • Kinderdogs will be working on mouse skills.
  • First grade will work in Microsoft Word on a document.
  • Second grade will create a Smart Art document in Word.
  • Third grade continues to learn about iMovie to prepare for their weather forecast video and internet safety.
  • Fourth grade will create a Weebly about natural disasters.
  • Fifth grade will begin researching their topic for their personal Weebly.

Educational Grants and Resources

This week in my grad class, we are looking at how to fund technology integration into the classroom. While working on this topic, I found this article on the edutopia website. Be sure and check with Pam before you decide to apply for grants or awards.
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Convert PDF to Microsoft Word FREE

It's frustrating to have a PDF file that would be great to use in the classroom if only there was a way to make a few minor changes. Now you can with a few short steps using Google Docs to transform that PDF into an editable Word version. All staff and students have a Google account using your school email and password to create an account in Google. Once you have an account, watch the video to see how easy this conversion can be accomplished.
Convert PDF into Microsoft Word

Comeback Royals do it again, extend ALDS to Game 5

Those boys in blue sure showed great perseverance yesterday, go Blue October!