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Weekly Fisher Family Update 9/21-9/28/2020

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The purpose of the Principal Update is to help our Firebirds remain current with news and updates for our school community.

eLearning Office Hours, Attendance, and Student Expectations

On the days your child is in eLearning, his/her teachers maintain office hours each day to be available to answer questions, reteach concepts, go over achievement scores, and simply check in on your Firebird.

Teacher Office Hours:

  • 6th Grade Office Hours: M-TH 1:31-3:15; F 8:30-8:50
  • 7th Grade Office Hours: M-TH 11:38-1:21; F 9:30-9:50
  • 8th Grade Office Hours: M-TH 8:25-10:08; F 10:30-10:50
  • Related Arts Office Hours: M-TH 10:08-11:38; F 9:10-9:30


  • In eLearning, your child's teacher will post an attendance question each day. Your child answering this daily attendance question is what counts for their attendance in that teacher's class that day. If they do not answer it by 11:59 PM, they will be marked as absent for that day.
  • Students who are not in attendance for in-person will be marked as absent.
  • If we have No Contact of any kind with your child you can expect the following:

    >Days 1-2; Phone call from teacher or team; Documentation begins; If not successful the student's name is referred to their counselor

    >Day 3- Phone call from student's counselor; Documented; If not successful the student's name is referred to the grade level administrator

    >Day 4- Phone call from grade level administrator; Documented; If not successful the student's name will be referred to the building principal

    >Day 5- Phone call made from building principal; Documented; If not successful the student's name will be referred to Student Affairs at the district office

Student Expectations

Students are expected to:

  • Follow their schedules each day whenever possible
  • Utilize daily teacher check-in's whenever necessary to stay on top of work
  • Be on-line between 4-5 hours daily in an eLearning environment
  • Be present for each class during the Friday all-student eLearning day as new materials and assignments may be offered that day
Parents eLearning Guide

Click here to view the complete GCS eLearning Guide for Parents

ATTENTION 7th Grade Parents! Important TDAP Vaccination Information

Friday, Sep. 25th, 9am-3:30pm

3801 Old Buncombe Road

Greenville, SC

Please find attached the information regarding the TDAP vaccine clinic being offered to students who have not yet had their TDAP vaccine this year.

The clinic will be on Friday, September 25 at Lakeview Middle School.

Parents of 7th Grade Students! If you are still in need of your child's TDAP vaccination, GCS has partnered with Prisma Health to help. September 25th @ Lakeview Middle School from 9-12:00 & 12:30-3:30. In order to receive the vaccine, the parent/guardian must call the number and make an appointment. They have capacity to accommodate all of the kids who are currently on the exclusion list for your school. This is a drive through clinic and in addition to the TDAP, they can get other vaccines include a flu shot! Click HERE to access the packet that must be completed.

The kid MUST have the packet that is attached completed when they arrive to the clinic. Fisher Middle School will print the packet for each of your kids (virtual and building) and give them the packet if you call in advance and request it. If you are in the virtual program please let us know how best to get you a packet: mail/send/deliver/or pick up.

Prisma has agreed to offer this to kids with insurance, without insurance, and with Medicaid. In other words, if they do a packet, they are not going to turn them away!

Join the Fisher MIddle School PTSA Today!

Join the PJ Fisher Middle PTSA Today

Your PTSA is still working hard for you, even during a time of constant changes.

We want to invite all of our Firebird Families, both in-person and virtual student families to join.

Join Fisher Middle's PTSA today for the 2020-2021 school year by going to:

*For Student Membership a phone or email is NOT required.

By joining the PTSA you give our school and students the support that's needed for a successful school year. It's quick and easy, all you need to do is select the membership that fits best for you. Then fill out the online form, submit your $5.00/per membership online payment and it will automatically send you your PTSA membership card via email.

Thank you for supporting the PTSA at PJ Fisher Middle School!

PJFMS School Improvement Council Parent Opening

If you are interested in serving as a parent representative on the Fisher Middle School School Improvement Council (SIC) we are accepting expressions of interest through next Friday (9/25/20). This is a 2 year position and we meet 1x per month over the course of the school year. Due to COVID restrictions, we will conduct these meetings virtually. Interested parties should send a short bio and photo to SIC President Angela Gravley by email at We will review the expressions of interest and a ballot will then be generated for our learning community to vote upon. Thank you in advance for your interest in making Fisher Middle School the best school it can be!
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Free Lunches Offered for ALL GCS Students

Greenville County Schools was approved by the State Department of Education to provide free meals (breakfast and lunch) to all students through December 31, 2020, or until the congressionally appropriated funding runs out if that occurs before the December 31st date. This approval is based on a recent waiver provided by USDA that will allow FANS to operate under the summer program rules instead of the normal school year program rules. This means that your child will get a free breakfast AND lunch for the next several weeks. We will keep families up to date when we will resume normal pay operations. This will not apply to the Papa John's line or a la carte items.

Dr. Phinnize J Fisher Middle School

Welcome to Fisher Middle School- Home of the Firebirds! It takes only a few seconds to realize that once you enter the halls of PJFMS, you are in a special place. Founded in STEAM concepts and Project-Based Learning, Fisher Middle School uses it architecturally designed open learning spaces, rich partnerships, and innovative instruction to create the optimum learning environment for its students. Welcome to the Fisher Family- Where Learning Takes Flight!