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April 15, 2020

From the Principal's Desk...

With that their eyes were

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope and pray that you had a blessed Easter. I know from my own life that this Easter was very different from all others. I cooked for and had picked up by my five adult children the family recipe of sauce and meatballs. We then had a Zoom Easter dinner in six locations with 16 people. We were still able to be together and share an important meal. I hope that in whatever form you were able to be together as well.

I also hope that you and your daughters and sons are getting some needed rest and relaxation during our break. I have spent yesterday and today having individual phone conversations with all of our faculty. I am deeply grateful for their continued commitment, dedication and faith-filled work for all of our students. We continue to work at getting better even in the midst of an imperfect process. Thank you for your support and cooperation. Next week, I will be sending out revised strategies for the rest of our time away no matter how long that may be.

Even though it may not seem like Easter Week, it really is. I try to walk every day, and the trees have budded, the grass is green and life is clearly present. I will admit that I have to work at seeing the Lord’s presence in my work and in my daily walks.

In today’s Gospel (LK 24:13-35), we once again hear the amazing Emmaus Story. The resurrected Jesus comes upon two of his followers on their way from Jerusalem to the town of Emmaus. They tell him about all that they have heard but do not understand. He begins to explain to them all that has happened, but they do recognize him. They ask him to stay and eat with them. And the Gospel reminds us, “And it happened that, while he was with them at table, he took bread, said the blessing, broke it, and gave it to them. With that their eyes were opened and they recognized him, but he vanished from their sight.”

As we all continue on this journey, may we pray for our eyes to be opened to the Risen Lord who is in this with us. I pray that you and your family are well and able to be together; to share a meal which is sacred bond. May we all pray for one another and those most in need during this time. May we, like the followers at Emmaus, experience this grace and With that their eyes were.


Dan Minelli

Spring Break Vibes

Let's channel our creativity! Have your children pull out those dress up items and props and imagine they are on their dream vacation, somewhere other than at home of course. Use your imagination and have fun "going on spring break." Please send photos to

Create the Good Update

While the world seems to be at a standstill and continuing slowly within each of our homes, a few Easter bunnies were able to turn all of your generous donations of toys, crafts, and candy into over 100 Easter baskets for Hope’s Closet. While we were disappointed that we could not do this as a community, we were beyond thrilled with the donations and support.

We will be back in the Fall and will have a head start on fabric for blankets. All other groups were given their donations we collected. Again, thank you for working together as our community to change the lives in other communities.

Honoring Our Class of 2020

Although we are all missing out on fun school activities and memories, these days away from school are especially sad for our eighth grade students. Perhaps they will still get to have a candle ceremony, go on their 8th grade spring field trips, sign their memory books, etc., but the future is uncertain for now.

So stay tuned to our social media channels in the coming weeks as we will be honoring our Class of 2020 students with some special memories.

Spring Break Breakout

Mrs. Flick's algebra students spent their spring break completing an optional remote Breakout. They collaborated for two hours together on Zoom, solving problems that reviewed their year's work in algebra, including solving equations, functions, and systems as well as determining linear equations.

They had to break into the school to rescue Mrs. Flick's precious chocolate before the weather turns hot and the chocolate melts; they unlocked the parking lot gate, the blue awning door, the classroom door, and the locker to save the chocolate just in time!

Leo & Laura Duwel Memorial Scholarship

If you currently have a student in eighth grade, you should have received an e-mail during the first week of April regarding an exciting new high school scholarship opportunity. If you were unable to open the attachments, we have included them below and also added them to our school website for your convenience. You may access them by double clicking on the Parent Tab.



Don't miss out on all the memories!

1) Order your yearbook online at and use Yearbook ID Code: 12651120

Yearbooks will be distributed at the beginning of next school year.

Blue Jay Showcase

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Getting Our Distance Learn On!

Thank you to everyone who continues to share their distance learning photos with us. We love seeing our students hard at work and play. Please keep the pictures coming to

Check Out These Resources

Sleeping Beauty

Here is a rare opportunity to watch a Children's Theatre production. You can currently watch TCT's Sleeping Beauty on YouTube.

Click here to view show.

Make a corona Virus Time Capsule

No Access to Bookshare Link

Unfortunately, a link to access free e-books was mistakenly shared in last week's newsletter. After further investigation, it has been discovered that this site is only for students that have a Chafee-qualifying print disability. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Get TIME for Kids Free

Made possible by Google, AT&T, HP and PwC Charitable Foundation, the new TIME for Kids digital library will be available for free for the remainder of the school year.

Click here: TIME Kids

Resources & Activities for Every Age Student

Check out this incredible list of resources for parents. Thank you to Shannon Bonno for sharing this valuable information with us.

Click here: Resource List

Velocity Speed & Agility Summer Camp

Athletic Boosters

St. John's Football Sign Ups

Football sign ups are open until April 26 for the fall 2020 season. The season will run from August 3rd through November 4th (play offs). For more information or to sign up please visit the SJB Boosters website. Any questions, please contact our coordinator, Brant Smith at 615-9383.

Program Levels are as follows:

Bandit (Kindergarten-2nd grade), Pony (3rd-4th), Reserve (5th-6th), Varsity (7th-8th).


Bandits practice Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Pony through Varsity practice Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (typically).

Equipment is provided by the program.

Stay Connected

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