Edmond Doyle News 8-16-2018

School has gotten off to a great start! Thanks to everyone that came to Open House and enrollment. Not only have we gotten a great group of students-our parents are also wonderful. We are very impressed with the participation we are seeing from parents! We are excited to have a year full of learning, fun, and friendships!

Here are some reminders that would help make our school run smoothly:

  • Please be on time-our doors open at 7:30..class begins at 8:00...being tardy puts them behind and it is very frustrating for student and teacher...plus being on time is a very important life lesson. Students that are not "inside of their classroom" by 8:15 a.m. will be counted tardy. Students who are checked out before school releases at 3:00 p.m. will also receive a tardy. This year, every 3 tardies equal an absence. Our school handbook states that every tardy after the 5th will result in an after school detention. SO....Please do not pick up your child early unless it is an emergency. Our teachers teach up to the last minute. Now that buses run later, we can really make sure everyone is engaged until 3:00.
  • Please sign homework and Thursday folders...
  • Please go over homework..EVEN if your child is a bus rider and is staying for homework help...not everyone finishes here--make sure your child is all ready for the next day
  • We will let you know when Indian Ed tutoring begins!!
  • We are selling new t-shirts this year. Several of you have already paid...if you ordered one and have not paid, please send your money by next Friday. If you have not ordered a shirt-please let Stephanie know what size your child wears and she will put your name down and take your payment. The shirts are $15.00. They are really cute--check out the picture below!
  • Please wear tennis shoes daily if possible for safety purposes, but most definitely wear them on PE day. Have your child tell you the days they have PE, because tennis shoes are mandatory in the gym!
  • Please tell your child to watch for you in the carline! When they see you..it makes the line go faster....everyone loves a fast carline!
  • We are excited to announce that our school district has created a CAT Team or Chronic Absenteeism Team that will help families who are struggling to get their child to school for various reasons. The team will begin making home visits once a child has 5 absences. Students who miss more than 9 days in a semester (August-December and January-May) are at risk of receiving a ticket for truancy. Our school will receive a negative score on our State Report Card for every child that misses 18 days in a school year! We want to do our best, so please help us with scheduling appointments outside of school hours and getting your child to school.

  • We practiced our Fire and Intruder Drill today! We take our drills very seriously to ensure the safety of our students!

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Upcoming Dates:

  • September 3rd-LABOR DAY--NO SCHOOL
  • September 13th-PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES . 3:00-9:00--Make plans to attend!!
  • September 14th-NO SCHOOL
  • September 19th-Vision Screening
  • September 27th-Grandparent's Breakfast-7:30 a.m.