Isamu Fukui


Mr.Caine- He is a teacher for the students

Mody- is a girl a who escape the school

Mrs.Bean- a women

Mr.niel-is a social studies teacher


outside to a pearson who skipping school


1.truant by the time the sun had berinsed pg 428

2.they gave her a rough part pg 298

3.the tumes where his recent aciconired habit pg 1


Teacher arev travel so that could find something

internal or external


plot summary

Mr.Caine helps mody to go back to school. Mody escape Mr.Caine , Mrs.Bean and Mr.Kiner are trying to find mody so she could go back to school. Thats why they called it truancy thats says keep kids at school.They could not find mody anywere because she didn't want to go to school.