Jefferson Intermediate School

April 29, 2020

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We Miss You!!

Jefferson Families,

As this school shut down continues, we miss you and pray that all of you are doing well. It has been difficult for the Jefferson staff to accept the fact that our year with you is ending this way. There have been lots of tears shed and emotional conversations about you. We realize this is very challenging and an emotional time for you as well. In the end we know that safety and health is the most important thing and we want all of you to be healthy and safe. We will continue to work through these last few weeks together and look forward to the time when we are back together with you. We will all grow from this experience and become stronger because of it.

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Picking Up Student Personal Items

With the Governor's decision to close school for the remainder of the school year we have created the following process for students to pick up their personal belongings from their lockers and classrooms. We are coordinating the days with Lincoln, Madison and Middle School to make it more convenient for families. Teachers in some buildings will be packing up student's belongings and distributing to parents curbside. Since Jefferson students share lockers we are presented with a unique challenge making sure each student gets their own belongings. This has led us to adopting this plan. We appreciate your patience as we try to safely allow students the opportunity to pick up their belongings. This plan may have to be adjusted as we go but hopefully it will operate smoothly and safely.

Student pick up May 4, 5, 7, & 8 from 10:30-1:30

Students are grouped alphabetically by last name on the following dates

May 4: A-G

May 5: H-M

May 7: N-S

May 8: T-Z


  1. Student and one parent enter and exit at designated door
  2. 4th grade main entrance
  3. 5th grade 200 wing playground entrance
  4. 6th grade art room door entrance
  5. Students drop off library books or classroom books in bins at each entrance
  6. Staff member will let a total of 10 people through an entrance at one time
  7. Please try to collect items and be done in 10 minutes so others can enter. This is not a time for students to congregate and chat with friends.
  8. When students/parents leave the same number of students/parents may enter
  9. Students may only go in designated zone to locker and classroom
  10. If you have child in multiple grade levels you will need to enter and exit with each child at the door designated for their grade level. You cannot stay in the building and go from one grade level to the other.
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Online Learning Opportunities

While our online learning opportunities are voluntary, they are extremely important to your students' futures. A large percentage of the learning for this school year still needs to take place under these circumstances. Teachers will provide support at the beginning of next school year, but they will not be teaching all of the previous material addressed in the current opportunities. Students who engage in the work now will be better prepared to be successful when school starts. Please do whatever is practical and achievable in your homes to help your students to be prepared for the next step of their educational journeys.

While our online learning opportunities are voluntary, we would like to highlight a few considerations:

  • 25% of the 2019-2020 school year learning is taking place online

  • Teachers have pared down concepts to the essential learning for students to maintain a manageable experience

  • Teachers plan to move forward with new material next fall

  • Please do whatever is practical and achievable in your homes to help your students to be prepared

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Grab and Go Meals

Please use this link if you would like to take advantage of the grab and go meals provided by the district. Our amazing food service staff and district wide volunteers have been packing meals for over 1,000 students each week.