Phillips's AP CS Course Update


Final Exam

The Final Exam will be given Dec 2 and Dec 3. You must log in and take the exam during this two day window!

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Extra Learning Opportunity

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This assignment must be completed by 12/1/2015.

Questions? Just ask!

GridWorld Assignments

The GridWorld Part 4 Assignment is Optional. This assignment was inadvertently left off of the 18 week syllabus! It will not be formally graded, however you may wish to complete it to help you prepare for upcoming assessments. All GridWorld part 4 specific questions will be thrown out if they occur on assessments. However, you are still responsible for all information discovered in the GridWorld part 3 exercise. As always, I would love to help you. Just ask!

**Gridworld Part 3 is still required. You will need to be familiar with Gridworld 3 before taking any further quizzes and tests!**

Are you looking for a CS internship opportunity?

Visit to learn more. Your future is waiting for you!
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Scholarship Opportunity

Are you a senior looking for a scholarship opportunity?

Check out the ACM/CSTA Cutler-Bell Prize in High School Computing.

Four (4) winners will each be awarded a $10,000 prize and a trip to the ACM/CSTA Cutler-Bell Prize in High School Computing Reception in February 2016 (location TBD). The $10,000 prizes will be awarded in a manner that enables awardees to avoid US federal income tax liability.

Challenge Description

The Challenge will focus on developing an artifact that engages modern computing technology and computer science. Judges will be looking for submissions that demonstrate ingenuity, complexity, relevancy, originality, and a desire to further computer science as a discipline.

Application Window

Click here to apply now!

The deadline for submissions is January 1, 2016.

Progress Report Issued

Progress reports have been posted. Remember that assignments are due every other week on Thursday at Midnight. Any assignments not completed by the deadline will be entered into the grade book as a 0 on Friday. The late policy allows work to be turned in by the following Tuesday with a 10% penalty per day. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all count as one day, so by all means, please get that outstanding work done over the weekend! After Tuesday, all zeros are final.
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Viewing Test Feedback

Did you know you can view correct answers to missed test and quiz questions? Revisit the test or quiz and view submission feedback to see correct answers. Quiz questions often show up again on tests and test questions are similar to what you will see on the AP exam.
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Need Help with Course Content?

  1. Join us Wednesday's at 7:30 PM for Class Chat. If you miss the chat, view the recording posted in user links.
  2. Check out this link for additional reading and review.

AP Exam Prep Tip

The AP CS exam is a paper and pencil exam. To prepare for this exam, you should be hand writing code as often as possible. You may want to practice writing code for assignments with paper and pencil before typing it into the editor to check and debug. Coding on paper is much more difficult that coding with an editor, so we need to practice this skill often!

I am here to help!

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