Mrs. Rhodes' Newsletter

Week of Monday, September 2nd

This Week in Room 508:

  • Handwriting: Please have your child practice writing their name using a capital letter only for the first letter and lowercase letters for the rest of their name. The alphabet we use for handwriting is "Handwriting Without Tears", try using the verbiage on the paper sent home in your Kindergarten Handbook given at parent orientation.
  • King and Queen of the Day: Each day, a child in our class will be the King/Queen of the day. We will learn about their likes/dislikes, learn how to write their name, and draw a picture of them.
  • Reader's Workshop: Our reader's workshop objective this week is "Good readers listen". We will create an anchor chart together as a class listing ways to show good listening skills. Sit criss cross, eyes on the speaker, ears listening, mouths quiet, hands to self.

Family Photo

Please send in a picture of your family for our "Friends and Family" tree. You can send the picture in your child's folder or email it to me. Please have the picture sent in by Friday, September 6th.

A Few Reminders:

  • Please send a snack daily with your child. Keep separate from your child's lunch, and no drinks please!
  • Water Bottles: If you would like, send in a refillable water bottle with your child. Your child can leave the water bottle at school and fill it up as needed.
  • Please check and initial your child's daily folder every evening.
  • Rest towels will be sent home every Friday, please return in your child's backpack each Monday.
  • If you have not signed up to be VIPs approved, please do so as soon as possible. This way you will be able to attend class parties/field trips etc.


As many of you know, we lost a Kindergarten teacher to first grade on Friday. Our class numbers were low, and first grade classes were over the limit. We were very sad to lose Ms. Travis, but first grade is thrilled to have her join their team. We welcome our new students and know they will ease on in and become a member of our class family.

Happy Birthday to You!!

Ally Noynaert - September 4th