Mrs. Nagy's 1st Grade Class

First grade ROCKS... Come be a star!⭐️

Wow... The last week before CHRISTMAS! We will have fun learning and celebrating Advent! A few reminders...

  • St. Edwards nursing home - The kindergarten and first grade classes will be rehearsing some Christmas songs and performing them at St. Edwards nursing home on this Wednesday. The children should wear their uniform and pack a lunch. We are going to have a little picnic lunch in our room around the Christmas tree (this is a surprise about eating in our room). Also, Please send in a Santa hat for your child to wear to the nursing home labeled before Wednesday. This adds a little Christmas spirit to their performance.

  • Santa letters- The children each wrote a letter to Santa which we mailed to the North Pole last week. We also sent an email to Santa and he sent as an email back. We were able to share that email together at school. A copy of that email was sent home in your child's folder for them to keep. We also found a WebCam of the north pole. When we logged in, we caught Santa playing the Wii. The children thought that was a hoot! Christmas is such a magical time of year! Hold on to it as long as you can with your little ones, and enjoy EVERY MOMENT!
  • Book It - The Pizza Hut Book It coloring page for December should have come home in your child's folder. The paper had 2 giant stockings on it. The children were to fill in the stockings with a drawing from their AR book. Many of the children completed the AR test on Mooseltoe at school. That leaves them only one AR book to complete to receive their pizza coupon. This is the last week for December!
  • Christmas Concert - On Thursday, will be the all school Christmas performance. The children are allowed to report to the first grade classroom at 6:30 that evening. Children will remain in the classroom until their performance and then will return to their classroom until the end of the all school program. Any questions please let me know.
  • WARM HEARTS DRIVE- St. Vincent is collecting new and gently used blankets, new gloves, new hats, and new scarves to help those in need. These items will be distributed to local people in need to keep warm this winter. Any questions, please let me know!
  • Snack chart - This next week snack will include: Cory (Monday), Jack (Tuesday), Nick,(Wednesday), Aaron (Thursday), and Robert (Friday). We have 18 children and are a nut free school. Thank you!
  • Advent wreath - This is the 3rd week of Advent. This is the pink candle on the wreath which stands for Joy. Please encourage your children to utilize the advent wreath that they made in class. This is a very important time for us to ready our hearts for the coming of Jesus' birthday.
  • Christmas elf - Luke has been very busy in our class. He has been up to some very mischievous things..including building with our Legos and hanging with a candy cane from our tree. The children are writing about each thing he does in a special elf journal. Have a look at the pictures down below.
  • Christmas Party - The students will get to participate in a Christmas party on Friday starting around 1:30. The children will have a snack, play a game and do a fun craft until it's time for dismissal.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and wonderful holiday!

Mrs. Nagy

Special schedules

A Spanish and Library

B Music and Technology

C Gym and Art


The children have done a fabulous job learning about time. Please continue to reinforce this skill with your children. In first grade children need to be fluent in telling time to the hour and the half hour. Judging by how well the children have learned this concept, I may introduce time to the quarter hour as well. We may even try to work on elapsed time, too!

Place value will be next on the list. This is teaching them that numbers can be represented by groups of tens and ones. This gives children a concrete way of visualizing a number. Once children understand this concept, it makes adding and subtracting by tens much simpler. We will continue working on this concept well into the new year.

We will also continue to work on graphing, addition and subtraction and number families.


The children have done a great job with sneaky "e". This week's spelling list will include all sneaky words. We will continue working on this concept in phonics and then we will learn contractions. Contractions tend to be a little tricky to learn at first, so please work on this concept with your children. The children have learned apostrophe in regards to 's showing possession. This time Mr.' is a superhero that swoops down and takes out letters and replaces them with an apostrophe. Do your best to help your child, if they need additional help please indicate so on their phonics homework paper. I review them each day:)


Please read with your child every night for 20 MINUTES:)

Questions or concerns??

Please feel free to contact me by email.