Adler's Code Your Own Adventure


When playing "Hungry Astronaut," can you find all paths to failure?

1. Download the file at

2. Go to Twine (the tool we used to build these!)

3. Click "Use it online" on the right side.

4. Choose "Import from File" and select "ISS Adventure"

5. When it appears in your Stories, double-click to open it!

It's now open in "Edit Mode"!

Try doing each of the following:

  • Add another option. Can you make it go to a new story tile?
  • Access the stylesheet and change the layout! Hint: Clicking on the name of the story in the lower left ;)
  • What would you change in the story. Can you make a successful ending?


Hint: It might be a good idea to start by mapping out your story on paper before you get to coding!

Go to your Twine home screen and click the green +Story button. Be sure to give it a name so we can share it out later!

When you're happy with your game, share it out:

  1. Click the name of your story down at the bottom and click "Publish to File".
  2. Go to and log in with the @adlerteens twitter (see Nathalie for help).
  3. Open the document manager Finder (blue face down at the bottom of the screen, open "Downloads,", and drag your story's HTML file into the file box on
  4. Name your game, and put #museumscode after the title!

Your game will get shared on the @adlerteens twitter AND on!



When you type: [[Pet the dog.|pet]]

it'll look like this in the game: Pet the dog.

and take you to a the tile called "pet"


Want to include an image? You'll have to use the HTML tag:

<img src="http://link.jpg">


Want your game to link to an outside website? You'll have to use the HTML tag:

<a href="">Text you want to appear.</a>


To change how your game looks and feels, try manipulating colors, fonts, alignment, and more! You can do some of this in the Story Stylesheet (see above), and other stuff you can do in an individual tile.

Want to do something specific? Search for help on here: