By: Ashley Reyes

Why did it start

They didn't want Americans behaving wild or crazy. Everyone would spend their money on alcoholic beverages. More violence would be brought out when alcohol is in their systems. prohibition was initiated as part of the Temperance movement, which was that alcohol and intoxication was responsible for crime, murder and other negative of society.

18th Amendment

The 18 amendment was a law where all licenses to sell alcohol were taken away. No one was to make or sell alcohol. This law was difficult to enforce at the start. The law was suppose to stop crimes and other things but the law made everything worse. This amendment lasted 13 years (1920 – 1933). The congress passed the amendment on October 29, 1919, and prohibition officially started on January 17, 1920.
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During the prohibition

During the prohibition transportation, import, export, and sale of alcoholic beverages were restricted or illegal. People didn't like that they would create hidden bars. They would also make their own alcoholic. Mostly gangsters would start the hidden bars. You had to had a password in order to go inside the bar Prohibition was supposed to lower crime reduce social problems, lower taxes needed to support prisons and poorhouses, and improve health and hygiene in America. Instead, Alcohol became more dangerous to drink organized crime grew.