The Truth Of The Matter

by Andrew Klavan


Have you ever had a nightmare, a really bad one, where you woke up and you could feel your heart hammering against the bed and you couldn’t catch you breath? Then, as you started to understand that the nightmare wasn’t real, that it was all a dream, your heart slowed down again and your breathing got deeper and you relaxed and thought, Whew, That sure seemed real. Well, this was exactly the opposite. I opened my eyes expecting to see my bedroom at home, my black-belt certificate, my trophies, my poster of the lord of the rings. Instead, I was in what should have been a nightmare, but wasn’t. it was real. And with every second, my heart beat harder. My breath came shorter. Panic flared up in me like a living flame.

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why I think you should read this book

This book is great to read it takes you on an adventure. It let the reader picture their self as Charlie West. This book has four books to it. The last thing I remembered book one, The long way home book two, The truth of the matter book three, and The final hour. These are great to read.