By: Nathan Crooker

Theme: Perseverance

Sounder showed perseverance by coming back home and by leading the boy to his dead father. The mother showed perseverance by caring for the little children while the boy was out working in the field and at school learning. The father showed perseverance by hunting to feed his family. The boy showed perseverance by being the man of the house while his father was in jail, and when he would come home from school in the summer to work in fields.

Bayard Rustin

African American, Bayard Rustin, was a hard working man trying to earn civil rights. He wanted all of his people to be free like Martin Luther King Jr. He eventually was associated with Martin Luther. Together they thought they could gain civil rights. Soon after he associated, Bayard didn’t want to work with Martin, so he went around the United States giving people speeches. Finally he earned civil rights!

Pet/Human Relationship

  • There are multiple videos of babies connecting with dogs. All of the dogs are communicating. It is so cute to watch because the babies are playing with the dogs. Both the dogs and the babies love each other. Everyone should have that kind of relationship with their dog. Some of the dogs are excited to have the babies company. While other dogs in the video looked confused at the babies but still kept a relationship.
  • There are many was that Sounder, Cheyenne and their masters are alike. Both in the video and Sounder the dogs show perseverance to their masters. They both also care for each other and show respect for one another. Both of the masters love their dogs and play with them constantly. It is so wonderful to understand that they both have such great relationships.

A Father, Daughter, Dog

  • Both dads loved their skinny dogs very much. Both dogs came to the family to tell them the master died. Sounder didn’t die next to where his master had died like Cheyenne did. Cheyenne was adopted whereas Sounder just showed up. These examples show how there are caparisons and contrasts in both of these stories.

Anticipation Guide

I disagree with, the color of a person’s skin can tell you a lot about what that person is like. Someone should never be judged by their skin color. If someone has a different skin color does not mean they are any different than anyone else. Everyone should be treated the same, no matter skin, race, or religion. It is not fair to assume someone with a different skin color is different than anyone else. It does not make them dangerous, mean, or anything else people call them. People are all the same.


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