All I Really Need to Know

I Learned in All Day Kindergarten

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WHEN: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 25 (Short Day, Come with a Parent, Probably 60 minutes or so)

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Important Information

Teacher: Mrs. Jones

Email Address:

Phone Number: (801)310-3491

School Hours Monday-Thursday: 8:15-2:25 (first bell rings at 8:15)

Friday: 9:15-2:25 (LATE START)

Homework Folder: Each student will have a "Homework Folder." that they return to school every Friday in order to turn in the weekly homework. I will return it on Monday with a new homework sheet. This is a great place to keep homework items and a great place to send notes or paperwork or anything else that might need my attention. It will also contain resources for you to use with your child.

Absences: If your child is going to be absent from school for any reason, please call the office at (208)-524-7880.

Specials: Our class goes to "Specials" (Art, Music, Library, and PE) on Friday mornings starting the second week of school. Please have your child wear or bring PE appropriate shoes on those days.

Classroom newsletter: I will be sending out a weekly newsletter to let you know what we have on tap for the upcoming week. Look for one every Friday.

Birthdays: Our class celebrates each student's birthday! For those students with birthdays on a weekday, we will celebrate them that day. For birthdays that fall on the weekends, we will celebrate on the Friday before. And we will celebrate summer birthdays throughout the month of May. You can send birthday treats (prepackaged, not messy) if you want, but it's totally optional.

Lunch: Kindergartners will eat lunch from _____ . Your child can bring lunch from home or choose a hot lunch option. District 91 is offering free lunches to students again this year. There are two school lunch options everyday that your child can choose from. Visit the school district’s website at to view the lunch menu or just know that a lunch menu will also come home with your child in their Homework Folder monthly, after this first month.

Transportation: If there is a change to the way your child is getting home, either permanently or just for the day, please call the office so they can get a note to me before we head out.

Communication: The fastest way to contact me is by text at 801-310-3491. You can also email me at Please feel free to text or email me anytime! If you'd like to talk on the phone, please send me a text or email and we can set up a time.

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All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

1. Share everything.
2. Play fair.
3. Don't hit people.
4. Put things back where you found them.
6. Don't take things that aren't yours.
7. Say you're SORRY when you HURT somebody.
8. Wash your hands before you eat.
9. Flush.
10. Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.
11. Live a balanced life - learn some and and draw some and paint some and sing and dance and play and work everyday some.
12. Take a nap every afternoon.
13. When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together.
14. Be aware of wonder. Remember the little seed in the Styrofoam cup: The roots go down and the plant goes up and nobody really knows how or why, but we are all like that.
15. Goldfish and hamster and white mice and even the little seed in the Styrofoam cup - they all die. So do we.
16. And then remember the Dick-and-Jane books and the first word you learned - the biggest word of all - LOOK.”
Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

WEEKLY HOMEWORK SHEET (In case you ever need one!)