Aidan Jimenez

The Start of Mustangs

The first mustang was a Ford Mustang Convertible.It was very popular at the time came out in 1964.The Shelby Cobra GT500 is the latest mustang and is the mustang you see people driving today.When mustangs were first invented they started a trend because they were so popular,other carmakers wanted to copy ford's success.They built their own small sporting car.These cars became known as pony cars.
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Family of Mustangs

The ford mustang convertible was introduced in 1964.Which was very popular.Next was the Mustang Mach.Then there as the Mustang Fox-body was introduced in 1979.Then there was ford's mustang redesign which is called the Fox-4 or the SN-95.Now there is the Shelby Cobra GT500,which was released in 2007.

The Future of Mustangs

The future of mustangs is going to be crazy.The stuff on the mustang is going to be advanced a lot .For example like the fastback or the shark nose or the shaker scoop.
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