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History of Stagecoach

The basic stagecoach was first invented in the mid-16th century. The first route for stagecoach ran from Edinburgh to Leith in England. After this, in London, people began making inns that people traveling by stagecoach could stop at along their journey. They would leave on Mondays and Thursdays, & take 10 days to complete the trip. Stagecoach routes went along three main roads in London by the end of the 17th century. Many improvements of the coaches and roads by the mid-18th century turned 2 day trips into 7 hour trips. From 1792- 1795, a man named John Besant contributed greatly to the improvement of the stagecoach. In the 1830's, railroads quickly replaced the stagecoach. In the 1860's, the travel by stagecoach made a little bit of a comeback. Today, the stagecoach is used only for recreational use.

Some information about stagecoaches


  • Much faster than traveling alone
  • Extra long roll down curtains
  • Beautiful view out of front & side windows
  • Quicker way to travel than walking
  • Carries at least 8 people
  • Interior made of the finest leather

  • Very uncomfortable
  • Bad etiquette to rest head on person next to you
  • Little to protect from dirt and grime
  • Bumpy ride with roads not paved
  • Provide little security from robbers
  • Very heavy
  • Expensive

Inventors of the stagecoach

John Darlwin was the inventor of stagecoach in 1763. The Concord company was the first in the US to make stagecoaches, and the Abbot company following shortly.

How the stagecoach impacted ND

The stagecoach a made a large impact on the way gold seekers in North Dakota received materials. Merchants in Bismarck wanted ways to get goods and materials to the people in the Black Hills, and used the stagecoach to do this. The stagecoach also affected the population of North Dakota because it created a fast way for people to get to the gold in the Black Hills.

Importance to settling the West

The stagecoach was a way cities all over America could be connected. As people were settling the West, many Americans made paths/roads to the West where groups of people could travel by stagecoach and make a pretty quick trip to where they wanted to go.


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