Scrooge Meets Santa

It wont be good...

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Santa and Scrooge

Santa is a giver on Christmas night. With all his workers and elves, he makes Christmas a joy. He gives not takes, he is jolly not sad. Now, Scrooge is not a very nice guy. He is the complete opposite of Santa around Christmas time. Santa, a very jolly man, payed a visit at Scrooges home. Scrooge, went to check out the noise. Scrooge could not believe what he saw. He began to tremble and was very confused. He told Santa, "You are not real, for this is but a dream!" But this was real. Santa came to talk to Scrooge, and not to give him presents.
When Santa finally calmed down Scrooge, they began to talk. "Do you know why I am here?" said Santa. "You're not real! Who are you? I am real. I am the real Santa. I am here to bring you Christmas joy!" said Santa. "I don't want joy! I want you not to bother me!" Scrooge said. "Alright then, said Santa. Good bye Scrooge. Merry Christmas!" Santa, who unblocked everything, and left through the chimney, and flew off on his slay. Yelling as loud as he could, he screamed "Merry Christmas Scrooge!" Scrooge just said "bahhumbug" under his breath. After Santa left, Scrooge went to bed, but couldn't go to sleep. So he went to the kitchen, got warm milk, and finally, fell asleep.


  1. Prepositonal Phrase
  2. Adverb Clause
  3. Participial Phrase
  4. Compound Sentence
  5. Adjective Clause
  6. Appositive Phrase