Gale @ ESC 12 Jubilee

eBooks - iPads - eResources for College & Career Readiness

Hello from your ESC 12 Gale Representative

Please take a moment to visit with me about Gale's easy-to-use and curriculum-connected eResources.

Visit with me to learn more about...

- eBooks from Gale, Facts on File, ABC-CLIO, Salem, and many other publishers (there’s an incredible sale right now).

- eResources such as Global Issues in Context, Science in Context, Biography in Context, and more.

- AccessMyLibrary School Edition app for Android and Apple devices.

- The many ways Gale eResources support College & Career Readiness and TX testing initiatives via the use of informational text and iPads/Tablets.

Gale | Cengage Learning

Vanessa Cardwell | Field Account Manager

Central & East Texas Counties

27500 Drake Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48331

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