If There was No Court of Supreme..?

What is the role and purpose of the Judicial Branch?

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What if there was never anything that was considered unconstitutional? What would happen to the world if there was no Constitution made by the Framers of America? How would this world be like if all we had was no support government only a president? Would we even have a president? Would he have ever had a government? How would we the people of America live if there was no Judicial Branch?

The Judicial Branch in perspective could be seen as the most important branch of government. What the Judicial Branch does for our Republic/Democratic government is to establish whether laws passed by Congress are constitutional or unconstitutional according to majority rules vote and the Constitution.

What Citizens Never Ponder Over?

What people don't realize is what the Judicial Branch really does for us. If the Judicial Branch was to be extracted from the 3 branches of government lets just say that basic human rights could be in jeopardy. For example if Congress comes together and decides that based on the prison persons actions that there punishments may differ. With the punishment of a more cruel different and severe punishment more than others. Now, if the majority of Congress really does vote to pass this law and the president approves it may become a law. So, say any close friend or relative was accused for a crime that he supposedly committed and you know he didn't commit the serious crime but is going to prison. And since he was supposedly accused of this serious crime he must suffer the severe consequences of his crime, but what your worried about most is that he may suffer some very serious punishments. But, we do have a Judicial Court System so this would never be something that we citizens would need to worry about because according to the 10 amendments of the Constitution Amendment 8 states "There will be no cruel or unusual punishments". In summarization the Judicial Branch protects our society from any laws that would in any way shape or form interfere with our basic human rights.
Judicial Branch
Here is a summarization of the priveleges, responsibilities, and role of the Judicical Branch.


The Judicial Branch is very important to the government that controls out lifestyle. So if sometimes you don't quite know or understand what may happen in our government, but know that if you disagree with our government think what it could be like.
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