The adventure of the young prince

Madison Connelly

About Story

This story is about a prince his name is Edward who is going to become a king and will find a wife. Edward has everything that any one would want. Edward lives in the Jungle in the only castle. The village is right next door to the castle. Edward throws a ball and the whole village shows up. Edward found the girl he wanted to become his wife

(Eleanor). They get married and they both are then crowd king and queen. But then Eleanor turns out to be a witch who takes over the Village. Edward is put in a prison. Eleanor puts a spell on the village so they cannot leave the village. The spell is where nobody can walk they all have to hop/jump everywhere. Edwards escapes the prison destroys the witch and saves the village. They live happily Ever After.

Madison Connelly

Somethings about myself. I live in West Union Iowa. I have three siblings Nathan, Austin, and Mariahyn. I love the outdoors. Activities I like to do is camping, tubing, going to the movies with friends or family, shopping, and lots of other things.