Ariel Sharon

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Ariel Sharon As A Leader

In our opinion Ariel Sharon was a great leader ,He was the major general in Golani ,he found unit 101

He was in lots of wars like : Israeli Independence war

Suaz crisis,Six- Day war, Yom Kippur war.

In December 1973 Sharon was selected to the Knesset , for the Likud.

Ariel Sharon was the prime minister of Israel in March 7 in 2001 – April 14 in 2006.

In our opinion Ariel Sharon was a leader .
Ariel Sharon was an amazing person that gave to our country his life and for the people .
He led wars but he also led for peace .
Ariel Sharon was a very important person in our country . A strong man, smart and most importantly a good man.

What Everyone Think About Ariel Sharon

In the Ariel Sharon funeral the prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said :"One of the greatest military commanders the Jewish people had died "
CHIF of staff lt – Ben Benny Gantz said:" generations of soldiers come to salute you for the last time today… he came to salute you too ".
The USA vice president Joe Biden described MR Sharon as an indomitable bulldozer .." the security of his people was his unwavering mission ".
Ariel Sharon funeral: Video of burial ceremony at family farm

Ariel Was

A lot of people around the world came because they respected Ariel Sharon .
Ariel Sharon was on a good terms with everyone and people
. respected him for that