The me project

by, munik deol.


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Who am i?

A little bit about me is that I'm 15 and i am in grade 10, I go to Louise Arbour SS, I LOVE animals and hanging out with my friends or going out. I'm very adventurous and like to take risks and love to be scared. My favorite holiday is new years and I also love Halloween and dressing up and going to Halloween themed parties. I also enjoy listening to music, A LOT.

My favorite things (not in order)

The first thing i picked as my favorite is : The restaurant "Caseys's" because i love all the food there and its always so good and I've had a lot of fun times there.
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My 2nd favourite thing.

The next thing that I love is money because I can buy so many things with it and i can get food, clothes, makeup, shoes, jewelry (which are more of my favorite things) and i think money CAN buy happiness cause food and clothes and shoes are all happiness.
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3rd favorite thing.

The 3rd favorite thing is my iPhone/iPod/laptop because i don't know what i would do without them, they are such life savers and make everything so much easier to reach and i can call, text, take pictures, find my bus times, set reminders, listen to music, play games and all on just one little device.
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The final favorite thing.

My last favorite would be my friends and family because my family takes care of me and gives me food and a house and my friends are always there for me and are so much fun to hang out with and make school so much better.

Schools i have attended

1. Robert J. lee public school -

in r. j. lee I made some of my best friends which I still talk to today and had great teachers, I especially loved my kindergarden and grade 3 teachers. In this school i toke soccer and chess club.

2. Edenbrook hill public school -

I only stayed at Edenbrook for 2 years until i moved back to Robert j. lee but Edenbrook was really fun as well, all my friends were great and i got to know a lot of people. In this school i was a library helper and played basketball.

3. Mountain Ash middle school - I attended this middle school for just 6 months in grade 7 (because r. j. lee went up to gr.6) but all my friends went to that middle school and all my teachers were super nice so i liked it there. I was in the Eco club in this school.

4. Sunny view middle school- This was the school i went to after Mountain ash when i moved and i went here for gr. 7-8 and the first year wasn't that good cause i didn't know ANYONE but i made bunch of friends later on and then in gr.8 it was a really good year and SO much fun! My friends from grade 7/8 are still my best friends till today.

5. Louise Arbour S.S.- Then the final school is LASS which is the school were in right now, I enjoyed last year (gr.9) and some of the teachers were nice including Mrs.bell and Mr.opaski as well as Mr. shaw. And now I'm in grade 10 and still here!


Top 5 ways to keep a friend

1.) Be truthful

2.) Don't talk about them behind their back

3.) Listen

4.) Don't ignore them

5.) Always support them

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Important people in my life.

An important person in my life is my mom because she takes care of me and takes me places, provides me with food, a house, clothes, shoes and any other wants/need I ask for. Shes really nice as well and isn't strict and lets me go out with my friends as long as she knows where I'm going and that I'll be safe.

Future Plans.

I want to become a business women/entrepreneur because I think its really cool to become a business person and I'm taking a business course right now and I'm learning a lot about it and also the job pays well. I have to take math in grade 12 and ENG4U.
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Family symbols.