Mya Doesn't Feel Good :(

The past few days haven't been too good. Mya had shortness of breath and a really bad cough and it scared me because her little body looked like she was in much pain. I called her pediatrician after I tried to get her cough under control and scheduled an appointment for the next day. The next morning we went in to see the doctor and they ran many tests and exams. We waited in the waiting room for a while until the doctor called us back to the back. She informed us that Mya had asthma and has possibly had it for a while now. The doctor told us that Mya's airways were inflamed and that they had began to produce too much mucous which mad it hard for her to breath. She asked us about our family past medical history and it was proven that Mya had inherited asthma from her dads side of the family. The doctor gave us a prescription and a breathing machine that needed to be given to her everyday for the next two months and then whenever she needed it. She told us we would have to monitor her breathing while she slept and informed us that her asthma might affect her physical activities as she gets older. She would have asthma for the rest of her life unless she grew out of it but because her dad still has it as an adult she might have it as an adult too. I was scared at first because I had no idea what wrong with her and I hated to see her suffer and be uncomfortable but now that she is getting better and her asthma is controlled I am back to being a happy mommy!!