Holland Middle School

What to expect....

Due to limited time and a need to strictly adhere to our schedule, it is not possible for teachers to discuss an individual student. While following your child's schedule you will have the opportunity to meet the teacher and gain an overview of the course. Each teacher will cover the following:

1. Middle level teaming

2. Course objectives

3. Special activities planned for the year

4. Homework expectations

5. Classroom management policies (promptness, make-up work, grading policies, materials needed, etc.)

6. Communication tools


Wednesday, Sep. 12th, 7-9pm

400 East Holland Road

Southampton, PA

We anticipate a large turnout and expect the roads and school parking lot to become congested. Please consider this when planning travel time to the school. It may be helpful to carpool if possible.

Please find the full letter from the Principal on Back-to-School-Night and a blank copy of a schedule that you can fill out with your child on the link provided below.