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Mrs. Taylor's Weekly Newsletter

Happy Tuesday!


I loved hearing about the kids' favorite part of spring break. Justin and I went to Washington DC on a Farm Bureau trip. My dad watched Cory. He was spoiled when we got back. I am sure the kids told you that we got a new student yesterday. They are doing a nice job of showing him the ropes of first grade. This should be a normal week in first grade.


Mrs. Taylor

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Weekly skills


Monday: Breaking Down Numbers

Tuesday: Story Problems

Wednesday: The meaning of the equal sign

Thursday: The meaning of the equal sign day 2

Friday: Math Journal


"Where Has Freddy Gone"

"Dot and Jabber"

"The Word of Insects"

Transition into the daily five

Science/Social Studies:

Wind and Air Study

Phonics Skill

ow and ou

High Frequency words: gone, been, other

Writing: Kites