Roles of the president

By: Erika Hubbard

Chief Executive

The most important job of the President is to carry out the nations laws, the President is

in charge of 15 cabinet departments and the approximately 3 million civilians who work for the federal government.

Ex: The president has to make sure that all fifteen cabinet departments are doing their jobs correctly.

Chief Diplomat

The president directs the foreign policy, or strategy, of the United states, making key decisions about how the united states acts towards other countries in the world.

Ex: The president has to make wise choices so that other countries won't try to attack us.

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Commander in chief

The constitution makes the president commander in chief of the armed forces of the United states.

Ex: The president is in charge of the Military, so he can send troops off whenever they are needed to fight to serve our country

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Head of State

The president is the living symbol of the nation.

Ex: He's basically the face of America, like the Bald Eagle is the face of our capital.

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Legislative leader

Only members of congress have the power to introduce bills for consideration, but in practice congress expects the executive branch to propose the legislation it would like to see enacted.

Ex: Only members and Obama can introduce bills, but only the senate can approve of the bill.

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Economic leader

Every president tries to help the countries economy prosper.

Ex: Obama is trying to make the economy better, even though it hasn't gotten any better.

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Party leader

The president is generally regarded as the leader of his or her political party.

Ex: If you belong to a certain party, then the president is your leader

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