Physical Therapists

"Move Forward- Physical Therapy Brings Motion to Life!"

Top 3 PT Schools in the U.S.

1. University of South Carolina  2. University of Delaware  3. University of Pittsburgh

Physical Therapists are also referred to as PT's

They use a variety of techniques- sometimes referred to as modalities.  Sports medicine/orthopedics and pediatrics are the most specialized areas in PT's.  Different patients need different treatment depending on their problem. They also work at preventing loss of mobility.

Physical Therapists typically do the following:

1. Diagnose the patient  2. Set up a plan of goals and treatments  3. Use exercises etc. to help with movement and pain  4. Evaluate patients progress and trying new treatment is necessary  5. Eduacate patients and families about the recovery process

Working as part of a team

They work as part of a healthcare team. Oversee the PT assistants, and consult doctors and surgeons.

Yearly Wages

Homehealth therapists make the most on average.   A beginning therapist makes on average $63,387 per year.  Experienced therapists makes on average $83,852 per year.

Physical Therapy Programs

5-8 year program depending on if you want to be an assistant or licensed.  Masters or Doctorate level degree.