Once Upon a Time...

Fairytale Unit

We began reading fairy tales, and the children just can't seem to get enough! We discussed the elements of fairy tales, the lessons learned from each story, and we have been comparing the tales. Check out some of the fairytales we have read so far!

Creative Writing

Fairytale castles, candy land villages, small cottages...you name it, our class created it! In the creative writing center this week, our class designed fairytale homes and wrote sentences describing their homes along with details such as, who lives in the home, what you can do there, what is inside the home, and so much more!
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In Phonics, your child identified words that belonged to the -ight word family. Once we created a list of as many words as we could think of, your child wrote in their journals using at least one -ight word. They did a fantastic job! Becoming more familiar with patterns in words will help your child as they come to unfamiliar words while reading. When they chunk words and see familiar patterns they may be able to read the tricky word!


We dove right into Topic 12, and the goal is for your child to identify and describe shapes (squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons, cubes, cones, cylinders, and spheres).

Objectives this week included:

  • Naming shapes as flat or solid.
  • Identifying and describing circles and triangles.
  • Identifying and describing squares and other rectangles.

*Squares are special rectangles because their sides are all the same length!

Important vocabulary to focus on with your child:

  1. vertex/vertices
  2. side
  3. two-dimensional (flat)
  4. three-dimensional (solid)
  5. circle, triangle, square, rectangle


The science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education program from Lockheed Martin visited our school on Friday! The STEM program believes in "educating and inspiring tomorrow's scientists, engineers and mathematicians." An engineer from Lockheed Martin gave each student one piece of aluminum foil and told them to make a boat. The goal was to see how much weight it could hold in pennies. Each student made a hypothesis, and they were excited to see that their little boat was able to hold much more than what they predicted!
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Happy Mother's Day

I want to thank the moms of our class for the support that you provide me and your child on their learning journey. I could not do it without YOU. Your child worked very hard writing and illustrating special projects and cards for you. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Upcoming Events!

City Day is this Friday, May 13th! On this day, your child can come to school dressed up like someone who works in the city - fireman, business man/woman, police officer, construction worker, doctor, store owner, etc. Please make sure all props are appropriate for school, and have fun!
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