Spinner Dolphin

By A.I.K


  • Classification - mammal
  • Special Body Covering - skin : dorsal-dark gray, sides-light gray, underside-pale gray, white (Wikipedia)
  • Size - 129~235cm / 23~79kg, males are slightly larger than female (Wi.Dol.Foun.)
  • Unusual Characteristics - leaps out of the water and spins : 2.5~5 spins on one leap (Wikipedia)
  • Communication - leaps out of the water and spins to communicate each other (Jo. Ocea. Dol. Conn)


  • Food Sources - small sishes, shrimps, squid, hunts about 650~1,000ft below the surface (NOAA)
  • Predator - yes / sharks, killer whales, false killer whales, pygmy killer whales, pilot whales (MarineBio)
  • Location - Hwaii, Red Sea (Wi.Dol.Foun.)
  • Terrain - ocean
  • Climate - tropical
  • Home: water


  • Adaptations for Protection - sleep only whith part of their brain, so its body can stay alert, their heart beats are slower during their dive to save oxygen in their body (Answers)
  • Structures - teeth to catch fish, darker coloring on top and lighter underneath; its effective camouflage from predators (Answers)
  • Behaviors - use echolocation to find their prey, which is an adaptation made for hunting at night (TurtleReef 3D)
  • Communicating Adaptation - leaps out of the water and spins to communicate each other when dangerous


  • Global warming (Ask)
  • Fishing
  • Pollution (Ask)
  • Information - almost half of spinner dolphins were killed after seine fishing for tuna was introduced in the 1950s (Wikipedia)