Nothing But The Truth

Luis Rodriguez

What Really Happened

I have interviewed the people that were involved on the situation which involved Philip Malloy. Philip was removed from class during homeroom announcements, for humming along with the national anthem. This incident occurred twice in the same week, with the same teacher. Philip has been suspended from school for two days which are Friday and Monday. When he returns to school he will have a home room change.

Philip Malloy (right)

Interview With Dr. Seymour

When I contacted Dr. Seymour I asked if they had a rule about singing the "Star Spangled Banner." He responded with, "The answer is no. We do not have such a rule. Absolutely." At first he was confused by my question then he had caught on with a definite answer.

Dr. Seymour (right)

Interview With Dr. Doane

When I had a moment with Dr. Doane she was unaware of the situation that had occurred. Then Dr. Doane started getting loud with me and said she had no idea what had happened and that she had not heard of such an incident, and stated to me "I don't know the particulars of this situation. You've just informed me about it."

Dr. Doane (right)

Interview With Dr. Palleni

When I had a brief conversation with Dr. Palleni he mentioned to me that "I did no such thing!" When I asked her about suspending a young boy named Philip Malloy for singing, and that was her response. Then i responded with I'm simply trying to get the facts straight. Her angered response was "No comment."

Interview With Ms. Narwin

Ms Narwin had been teaching for twenty years so I knew that there was more to the story and here is what I got from the teacher that kicked Phillip Malloy out of her class. She said "The boy was creating a disturbance" And that she admits that she did send student Philip Malloy out of her class.