Become a TVI

Teacher for the Visually Impaired

It's Not So Scary!

Blindness is the most feared disability. But guess what, it's not scary or weird to our students who are born with visual impairments. In fact, VI students consider it condescending to treat them otherwise. Once that understanding is out of the way, then it is easier to understand the roll of the teacher for the visually impaired. While direct (usually one-on-one) instruction is a part of the job, a really big component of being a TVI is simply making sure that the student has access to their class, printed material, and their environment. And, often, the job involves taking the mystery out of visual impairment for other professionals.
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VI is the least self-conscious of the disabilities. This student is wearing a "Wave if you're blind" t-shirt.

Any Questions?

Your friendly state VI consultant would love to answer any questions you have. Here's her contact information:

Heather Brooks

cell: 919-345-4066