About me project

Made by Terrence Williams

My Name

My name is Terrence Williams. Terrence means tender, gracious, good, has gods protection. The origin of my last name Williams is derived from son or descendant of Williame, the Northern French form that also gave the English name William.

5 Goals in my life.

1.Be successful in school and life.

2. Travel the world.

3. Go to 2020 Olympics.

4. Take care of family.

5. Impact people life's.

One motivational quote that inspires me.

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” – Eric Thomas

This quote means a lot to me because if you really want to succeed in life or school you have to do it just as bad as you want to breathe.

Eric Thomas - Secrets to Success Full

The menu of my favorite foods( note I have alot)

Breakfast: Pancakes, cereal, Beacon, eggs, sausage, etc.

Lunch: Italian sub, Hot pockets, Chicken pot-pie, Etc.

Dinner: Rice and beans, pizza, fried chicken, pasta

snacks: Cookies, chips, candy, fruit cups,

3 words that describe me.

1. Success: I choose this word because I love being successful in what i do.

2. Bless: I choose this word because God blessed me with a good loving family and he gave a talent.

3. Practice: I chose this word because if I don't get something or I want to prefect I practice a lot, practice makes perfect.

My favorites

Favorite actor: Chris Rock

Favorite althletes: Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Maywether, Muhammad Ali, etc.

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Book: Goosebumps series( all of them of good)

Favorite Channel: HBO, Showtime

Favorite Subject in school: Math

Favorite Summertime activity: Going around the country

3 things that means a lot to me.

1. Rosary: I prayed with it at night before I go to sleep and when I go out of state.

2. My championship belts: They mean a lot to me because it represents all the hard work I put in every day to get to that point.( I have 5)

3. My Manny Pacquiao boxing shoes: This is important to me because it cost $250 and they mean a lot because I use them for every fight and Manny Pacquiao is my idol.

One motto I will stick with.

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2 people that are important in my life.

1. My uncle: he means a lot because he is a very good role model and he cares and loves me.

2. My brothers: when I am down they always help pick back up and we have a very good relationship.

1 of my favorite smells.

One of my favorite smells is pizza rolls because I love pizza and I can remember it smells so rich and creamy. Also it's pizza who doesn't like the smell of that.
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