Ray Bradbury

The Illustrated Man Prologue

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Add to Our Illustrated Man

After reading the prologue you see what the concept is behind the illustrations on the body of the Illustrated Man. Add to this thinglink activity by posting a picture that represents one of your favorite books and add a blurb of what we would see the picture do if it was one of the stories tattooed on the Illustrated man. Make sure you mention at the end what the title of the book is and YOUR NAME.

CLICK HERE for the Illustrated Man

Illustrated Year

We have read a lot of literature this year (and all of it is still posted for your review)

Choose your favorite 6-8 works and create an original illustration (on paper- unless you know how to create digitally) of each. You do not have to be an artist, but it does need to be fully colored (background too) unless you ask me for special permission for it to be otherwise (yes, I understand the artistic expression of charcoal). Then use a mosaic creator of your choice (www.bighugelabs.com has one if you need it), to create a collage, or mosaic of your illustrations. Post your final image HERE for the class to view.

Weekly Checklist

  • Read "The Illustrated Man" prologue CLICK HERE
  • Collaborate by adding your favorite book to the Illustrated man CLICK HERE
  • Complete the "Illustrated Year" Project CLICK HERE