Personality Type: True Colors Green

Wesley Silverthorn

Overview of My Color

I have the color type Green. I am analytical, conceptual, and global. I am cool, calm, and collected. I need explanation and answers. I value intelligence, insight, fairness, and justice. I am a natural non-conformist, a visionary, and a problem-solver.

Childhood and Relationships

When I was younger, I appear to be older than my years. I focused on my greater interests achieving in subjects that were mentally stimulating. I was impatient in routine. I questioned authority. I also found it necessary to respect teachers before I can learn from them. In relationships, my head rules my heart.


At work, I am a conceptual and independent thinker. Sometimes, work is play. I am drawn to constant challenge in careers, and like to develop models, explore ideas, or build systems that satisfy my need to deal with innovation. Once I perfect an idea, I like to move on. This describes me fairly well.

Leadership Style

When I am a leader, I expect intelligence and competence from my group members. I assume the relevancy of certain tasks to determine the order tasks should be completed. I seek ways to improve systems already in place. I encourage positive change for improvement. I constantly am "in process" of change. When someone says they will do something, I expect them to do it.

Symptoms of a Bad Day

When I have a bad day I can be indecisive. I sometimes give people the silent treatment, and refuse to cooperate or comply. I may withdraw from people, or become very aloof. I may start using the fine art of sarcasm, or become snobbish. I may have performance anxiety, so I will become a perfectionist. I also have a highly critical attitude towards myself and others.

Thoughts About My Color

I feel like certain parts of my color going along very well with my personality. Three characteristics of my color is that I am very sarcastic, I can be a perfectionist, and I can be very aloof. There are also parts that do not fit me. I do not appear older than my years, I do sometimes like repetition, and work is not always fun. At work, being a perfectionist might be helpful and unhelpful, depending on the circumstances, expecting intelligence and competence might be a drawback if my group is lacking in those areas, and work being fun will definitely help.