Winds & Trade

By: Nitin Udaikumar & Ethan Duong


  • Convection: The movement of heat through gas or water.
  • Current: The movement of air or water.
  • Prevailing winds: Winds that normally blow in one specific direction.
  • Coriolis Effect: How the patterns of wind and ocean currents are affected by the Earth's rotation.
  • El Niño: A warm ocean current that flows from the south coast of South America every few years. This current can cause changes in weather patterns and extreme weather conditions in different places.
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Winds and Trade

This map shows the movement of prevailing winds throughout the globe. The winds that move towards the equator from higher latitudes on the map are called trade winds. They are called this due to them moving sail powered trading ships across the ocean.
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Map from outside the book

As shown on this map trade winds allow transit and the spreading of cultures between many different countries. Trade winds and westerlies are created by atmospheric circulation and the Coriolis effect.