All About Me

Mackenzie Proctor

When I Was Born

  • I was born in Henderson on August 1,2000.
  • I have a twin sister named Madison.
  • I have three sisters that live with me

Things I Like To Do For Fun

  1. Swim
  2. Play volleyball
  3. Hang out with friends
  4. Play with all kinds of animals

Types Of Animals I Have

  • Black Lab
  • Turtle
  • Tea Cup Yorkie

Fun Facts About Me

  • My favorite color is purple
  • I want to be a vet when i'm older
  • I'm the third youngest
  • Love to pop balloons! (I like the noise)

Some Of My Favorite Restaurants

  1. Ckick fl a
  2. Olive Garden
  3. Chiken Express
  4. Texas Roadhouse
  5. Chilis

Some of my favorte Movies

  1. All of the Hunger Gmaes, Just seen Mockingjay
  2. 21 & 22 Jump Street
  3. Pitch Perfact
  4. The Last Song