Tech Tuesday! November 17th

Tech tips to keep you informed

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This coming Saturday is Edcamp NJ! If you enjoyed the upbeat atmosphere of our own Talking Tech PD day, I highly recommend you try to attend this Edcamp. All Edcamps are great PD opportunities but this one in particular is one of the highest attended in the country! It's a bit of a drive up north but a lot of Colls people are attending so try to carpool. Registration is still open (and FREE):

Google tip 1 - Converting to Drive/Docs

Most of you probably have a lot of documents on your H drive or various flash drives. As you work through things this year, its a good idea to upload them to Google Drive and convert some of them to Google Docs. It's much easier than you think.

  1. Lets say you have a folder on your H drive: "Benchmark 1 resources".
  2. Go to your Google Drive
  3. Click NEW - Folder Upload
  4. A pop up will appear - find the folder from your H drive/flash drive etc and select it.
  5. Let it go to work - depending on how big the folder is, it may take some time. When done, that folder will now be a folder in your Google Drive.
IMPORTANT - All the files will still be in Microsoft format. When you need to use a file and convert it to docs format:

  1. Open the file - if it is word format there will be a "W" in the upper left hand corner.
  2. Click FILE - "Save as Google Docs" and the file will be converted.
  3. The new file should be saved in the same folder.

It may sound complicated but its only a couple clicks. Once complete all your old "stuff" can be added to Google Classroom and shared with students with ease. Do it slowly through this year and you won't have to again.

Twitter Tip - "Chats"

When you hear about Twitter "Chats" do you think of a bunch of people texting each other or an old school AOL chat? Twitter "chats" are more about sharing ideas on a certain topic and connecting with new people. It's not the same as a group text or chat in that classic sense. There are conversations but generally speaking there is either 1 or more questions provided and then participants answer those questions and connect with each other throughout. Some are 15 minutes, some 30, some 60. Some are "Slowchats" and you have all week to answer 1 or more questions. Check out these hashtags for some of my favorite chats:

  • #BFC530
  • #teacheredchat
  • #satchat
  • #Edbeat
  • #totallyrossome
  • #WeirdEd
  • #Digcit

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FMOT (Follow me on Twitter)

Marialice Curran (@mbfx) - Marialice is one of the most energetic people I've ever met. She is an associate professor at Saint Josephs College in East Hartford Connecticut where she has been a leader in pushing the ideas of Digital Citizenship and getting students to lead the charge. She is also co-founder of the #digcit chat. Check her out!


What do you think about kids playing games in class? Does it make you shudder? Worst idea ever? Check out this blog post from Kerry Gallagher (@Kerryhawk02) about using games in class:

Remember that using tech in the classroom looks very different and thats OK. Try it and you might be surprised!