All about me

By Nate Williams

I like to play football.

Football is one of my favorite sports. The reason why is because i am good at it and my family loves it. That is really the only sport i am good at so its one of my favorites.

I like to play video games.

I play video games when it is a rainy days. I usually only play them when i have friends online. But i do still play when new games come out.

I like to eat food.

I like all different kinds of food. I like fruits and vegtables and junk food. But mostly i like pizza wings and like hot dogs and burgers.

I like to ride my bike.

I like to ride my bike around. I take my bike everywhere. I ride my bike everywhere and to the store or to my friends house.

I like to cook.

I like to cook food with my mom. My best i can make is mac and cheese. I also cook dinner when my mom is at work.